Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leapster Explorer Case

This is the storage case to protect the Leapster Explorer handheld. It holds up to 5 games and the Explorer at the price of RM 92 only.

Leapster Explorer Games

I have several games only for Leapster Explorer that left with me. The selling price is RM 99 per unit.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Leapster Explorer

About 2 months ago I bought a Leapster Explorer for my daughter together with Dora the Explorer game and Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg. This console and game are not available in Malaysia's Toys R Us yet. Seeing her play and learn  in English and Spanish made me think that other Malaysian childrens deserve the right to have this quality and latest educational toys.Therefore I bought another Leapster Explorer for the purpose of selling if someone interested in.

LeapFrog® Leapster Explorer™ Learning Experience Introducing Leapster Explorer™, an extraordinary new learning experience that encourages children to discover something new every day with endless ways to play and learn--from games, e-Books, videos, and online play to customizable learning skills and more.
• A library of more than 40* games and activities includes cartridge games, downloadable learning apps (games, e-Books, videos, flash cards and more), a camera/video recorder** and more.
• Children can learn school skills like reading, math, science and geography, plus creativity and life skills like music, health and problem solving.
• Expand the fun and learning in LeapWorld™--a safe, online world of learning games and activities. Children can play unique games that connect their online and on-the-go play and learning.
• Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog® Learning Path to see what their child is playing and learning, and explore ways to expand their child's learning journey.
The Leapster Explorer is just a console and you need to download or buy a game that sold separately to play with it. There is one pre installed game and and 1 Leaplet Download Card in the box. You can use the Leaplet to download any game or e-books through Leap Frog website. Don't forget that the console required 4AA batteries (not included). I recommend that you use the rechargeable batteries as the batteries gone out quickly.

MRP is RM 399 but my price is only RM 278 each. PLEASE!!! My price is for personal sale only and not for resale. My item is a Brand New and sealed in original Factory Box. I do not deal with a fake or refurbish products. SOLD OUT


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Leap Frog Leap Pad

Last two weeks I bought a Used Condition of Leap Frog Leap Pad System from US for my baby boy. It costs about RM67 including shipping to Malaysia and contains 5 books. The Leap Pad teach about ABC, numbers, shape and a short word which is suitable for 6-24 months.
There is a lot of Used Educational Toys/Games in US which is mostly in Excellent Used Condition.
I bought two and would like to let go one at the same price I got if anyone interested.. My intention is to let other child learn and play with their mom.